It is one thing to know how to plan, shoot, edit, and publish a video for viewers on the Internet. It is quite another to have the curricular skills to plan, produce, and teach an assignment or project that incorporates video in such a way as to hit the sweet spot pedagogically -- going deep in Bloom's Taxonomy, using "essential questions"to ensure that the learning goes deep. In short, to use digital video to teach! A teacher who has strong tech skills but does not know how to teach brings little value to a class. A teacher with strong technology skills and the ability to plan and deliver effective lesson plans and projects has the best of both worlds. This is what we strive for. “It’s not the stuff that counts — it’s what you do with it that matters,” as Mark Share has put it.

Now is the time to take your new digital video skills and apply it to the job we are paid to undertake - to teach our students. Think about all you have learned in your curriculum classes and about planning assignments and projects. How can you incorporate digital video in your classroom in such a way that the technology powerfully increases student creativity, engagement, and ultimate learning? Webquests? Khan Academy? "Flipping" the classroom? Many have questioned whether the technology has really helped students to learn any better. It is a fair question. How would you respond? There is much to reflect and think about.

But let us come to the task at hand. What practical use might you make of your new ability to plan, shoot, and post video to the World Wide Web? How have others done so?

First, let us take a look at more conventional "instructional" videos where the teacher is the creator and focus:
“It’s not the stuff that counts — it’s what you do with it that matters."

Teacher-Centered Videos

Next, we have some examples of student-centered projects/assignments that incorporate digital video, and the focus is not so much on the video but on the project developed in such a way that the video allows students to show creativity while still engaging the academic content material.

Student-Centered Videos

Introductions and Goals (assignment):

Animal Rights Project in Bioethics

Constitutional Convention Simulation (project)

"Ele" Event (project)

Reconstruction History Project Between Georgia and California

Mustapha Mond's Department of Propaganda

American Experience Final Speeches (Facebook)